Tashia McIntosh

Tashia McIntosh

Where were you born, and how was life growing up?
Tashia McIntosh I was born in Santa Clarita, Ca. Life growing up was a blast. Always hanging with my cousins and little sisters. When I was around 11 or 12 I started helping my mom raise my newborn sister and 6 year old sister so she could work a full time job to support us. She was a single mother and I looked up to her strength and love for us!

What is your ethnicity?
Tashia McIntosh I am Cherokee Indian, French, and Scottish.

What would the average person say about you?
Tashia McIntosh The average person would say that I'm loving, happy, free spirited and a blast!!

What kind of stuff did you get into after high school?
Tashia McIntosh After High school I moved out on my own at 18 and supported myself by working as a manager of a restaurant while continuing my dream of modeling. I worked hard and played hard!!

How did you get into modeling?
Tashia McIntosh When I was 15 I sent my pics into a swimwear company and a few months later they contacted me to be their model of the year. I went on from there!!!

How long have you been modeling?
Tashia McIntosh ooooh man... Ive been modeling for about 12 years...

How did you feel about being in front of the camera for the first time?
Tashia McIntosh I was sooooo nervous!! All the girls were so pretty!! One girl just told me to be myself and I opened up and had a blast!!

Tashia McIntosh

How did you feel walking into your photoshoot?
Tashia McIntosh I was shaking!!! I thought everyone was going to hate me!! But everyone was soo kind and helpful!!!

So would you say you are comfortable in front of a camera now?
Tashia McIntosh OOOOh the camera is my best friend now!! I'm more comfortable being on camera than I am meeting strangers!! Weird!!

Would you say that you are pretty comfortable with your body?
Tashia McIntosh Yes I love my body!! I have many flaws like anyone but I have learned to accept them and to love what God has blessed me with.. No one is the same.

What would you say is your best feature?
Tashia McIntosh I really like my smile... I think it makes a huge impact on how people see me.

What's the best thing about being a model?
Tashia McIntosh Free Everything!!! Haha.. And I get to travel and meet amazing new people!!

What do you do differently to set yourself apart from other models?
Tashia McIntosh I just try to be myself and not copy or hate on anyone.. I think everyone brings something unique to the camera.

Where do you hope your modeling will take you?
Tashia McIntosh I hope my modeling will take me to a place where I can live happy with my family while being able to help others!!

Any highlights from your modeling career?
Tashia McIntosh I would say meeting awesome people from all over and not being stuck in one city all the time.

Where can we find you on a typical weekend, if you aren't doing a photoshoot?
Tashia McIntosh You could prob find me at home hangin with the fam or out on the town with my friends.. I like to lay low alot.

What keeps you busy away from modeling?
Tashia McIntosh Away from Modeling I am currently working on a swimsuit line, styling other shoots, and taking care of my family.

Tashia McIntosh

What do you want to do outside of modeling?
Tashia McIntosh I really want to work with kids in some way.. I love their innocence and their love of the little things in life.

Five years from now, where do you see yourself?
Tashia McIntosh : In 5 years I either want to be settled down with a family of my own and working on my swimwear line, or growing as a model and working more behind the scenes.. its really up in the air for me.

What is the coolest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Tashia McIntosh Oh man.. I don't know what the coolest thing has been but people have been really sweet and kind.

Any photographers you enjoy working with or hope to work with?
Tashia McIntosh Yes I love working with Greg Christenson and Brittany Berrggren, who are both my good friends as well!!

Do you travel much for your modeling?
Tashia McIntosh Yes I have traveled a whole lot!! Not really out of the country.. But one year I went to 17 states in 7 months!! crazy!!!

Do you like all the traveling?
Tashia McIntosh Yes I love traveling!! I love exploring other walks of life!! :)

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Tashia McIntosh I really really want to go to Australia!!!

If you could play lead role in any type of movie, What kind of movie would it be?
Tashia McIntosh I've always wanted to play a lead role in a scary movie.. I know weird but it really interests me...

Do you have a favorite Car?
Tashia McIntosh My favorite car would def have to be a Porsche!!!!

Do you have a favorite drink when at clubs or bars
Tashia McIntosh Im a Whiskey or beer girl!! No fufu drinks for me please!!

What is your favorite type of food?
Tashia McIntosh I loooove pickles!!! And Steak... and Fruit!!!

What kind of music are you listening to these days?
Tashia McIntosh I listen to all types, mostly anything you can dance to, pop, hip hop, country, ect!!

Tell us something you got away with?
Tashia McIntosh Umm well the other night me and my bestie ordered a whole bunch of drinks and got a little too tipsy and accidentally dined and ditched.. we didn't realize it til the next day, but i guess someone paid for it so that was kind of awesome!!

Which celebrity would you like to meet and why?
Tashia McIntosh Well I have already met him! Leo DiCaprio!! But I want to meet him again!! He is an amazing actor!!

Best pickup line you've ever heard?
Tashia McIntosh Some one said do u have a boyfriend.. I said no.. and he said.. u do now.. hahahaha...

Worst pickup line you've ever heard?
Tashia McIntosh Some guy started yelling at me and telling me how he isnt interested in me and how dumb I am.. than his friend came over and said "Did that turn you on?"... soo weird!! He thought talking down to me would make me want him! Lame!!

If you could be a super hero, what would that superhero be like?
Tashia McIntosh I would be able to fly!! I need to fly!! And I really want to be able to understand every language!!! lol

What the worst prank you've ever played on anyone?
Tashia McIntosh I got caught teepeeing someones car and they ended up chasing us down and catching us.. haha woops..

What the worst prank anyone has ever played on you?
Tashia McIntosh Tried egging my car while I was walking up the street behind them and they didnt know.. haha

Find a lamp and out pops a Genie, you get one wish, what would it be?
Tashia McIntosh Wealth!!! lol

Tashia McIntosh

Are you single now?
Tashia McIntosh Yes!!! Very Single!!!

Give us the dirt on your dating life. Any first date rules?
Tashia McIntosh I dont like to hang out alone on the first date unless we are in public.. I like being in groups first, less pressure!!

Do you kiss on the first date?
Tashia McIntosh MAYBE!!!

How many kids in high school have asked you out?
Tashia McIntosh Ummm... all of them... haha jk,,,

Should a person call right away or wait a few days?
Tashia McIntosh I'd say a text or two right away is cute and maybe a call in a day or two.. too many texts is a turn off!!

What kind of guy bugs you?
Tashia McIntosh Needy Guys Bug Me!!!

What does a guy need to do to make you stay?
Tashia McIntosh Not suffocate me..

What's the worst place to meet a guy?
Tashia McIntosh At a club!!

On a date... What does the person have to do to make it perfect for you?
Tashia McIntosh Make me laugh!!

Leather or lace?
Tashia McIntosh A lil of both please!!

Do you have any dreams or goals you're shooting for?
Tashia McIntosh My goal is to just be a happy person and enjoy my life!!

Where can we expect to see you at in the future?
Tashia McIntosh Oh you'll see me!!! ;)

Do you have anything to say to your supporters and your future fans?
Tashia McIntosh Thank you to everyone who has believed in me through all these years, cause many said I'd never make it this far.. And thank you thank you to all my fans!! :)

Interview and images provided by Tashia McIntosh